Jacinta’s birthday #boom

Jacinta's birthday

If you’ve been following along this blog, you will have noticed a few posts on my family (example here).  We have a what’s app group where we all chat and post videos, photos and any other crazy things that come to mind.  Recently, when it was a family member’s birthday we’d post a selfie.  However, … Continue reading “Jacinta’s birthday #boom”

Part 1: LA Life


I boarded the Southwest Airlines flight, in anticipation for the monumental journey that I was about to face.  No pretence lies behind these brown eyes… the forthcoming blog piece/s are going to track the journey of me, my mother and her best friend (all of us Aussies), around California, Nevada and Arizona; all in the … Continue reading “Part 1: LA Life”

Blissful Bali

Blissful Bali

It was going to be epic…. 4 (single) girls traveling to Bali for our friend Marcelle’s 30th birthday.   Here’s a snapshot of how to do Bali with girlfriends.  Gird your loins, it’s about to get cray cray up in here. Flight I caught Singapore Airlines flight that went from San Francisco (SFO) to Denpesar (DPS) … Continue reading “Blissful Bali”

Blind Motivation

This is a reflection on the idea, undertaking and follow through of bringing a motivational event to campus.  I will also highlight the impact that The Blind Cafe had on the students and faculty that came.  I warmly welcome any feedback or questions on the event or process of delivering an event that you are … Continue reading “Blind Motivation”

Santa Clara University Students Response to Homelessness in Silicon Valley

In September 2013 I started a St. Vincent de Paul Young Adult group in Santa Clara University. I did this because of a few reasons. I’d come to America to pursue a degree in Pastoral Ministries (major in Spirituality), and I reached out to different organizations to do some volunteering, similar to ‘Vinnies’ in Australia, … Continue reading “Santa Clara University Students Response to Homelessness in Silicon Valley”

Trippin’ Tokyo


This is my first guest post from a family member on their recent trip to Japan – I hope you enjoy this article from JP Thor.  JP Thor is a pilot and traveler, he loves to explore the world as well as making dams in the family property.     It was always going to … Continue reading “Trippin’ Tokyo”

The Vice of Violence: 9/11, Malaysian Airlines, Australia ‘Sorry’ Day & the Sacrificial Lamb

This is a personal response to a reflective question, given by a fellow student in Catholic Social Teaching.   In response to the discussion of whether or not violence is required, or should be considered to keep us safe is a hard one to answer. I believe as a Catholic person it is important to look … Continue reading “The Vice of Violence: 9/11, Malaysian Airlines, Australia ‘Sorry’ Day & the Sacrificial Lamb”