Jacinta’s birthday #boom

IMG_3502If you’ve been following along this blog, you will have noticed a few posts on my family (example here).  We have a what’s app group where we all chat and post videos, photos and any other crazy things that come to mind.  Recently, when it was a family member’s birthday we’d post a selfie.  However, I put the call out to step it up to video’s.  Here’s the first round of videos we made for our sister (or in my case sister-in-law).

Z: doing his biking

X: rainbows, doing the mowing

JP: lighting show

M: CrossFit & paleo

V, N & P: teaching, studying & kids

D: hanging around (the husband)

J & E: chores

Would love to know if you have any funny birthday videos, or learn how you keep up the love with the family on members birthdays.  Feel free to leave comments below.



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