Visionary Inspirations Through Sibling Selfies

Happy National Sibling Day!

My family have only just discovered What’s App in the last few weeks and there has been many a time where I have woken up to 68 messages+.  However, I LOVE hearing about what my crazy brothers are up to (there’s a long elaborate story to this – they aren’t all my brothers – but if you want to know more just ask!) and this post will give you a snippet into our What’s App banter group:

Today I was super excited.  I found some sexy glasses and thought I would take a selfie and pass it onto the Banter (family What’s App) group to get their feedback.  Here’s my first message:

Sibling 1


Yeah I’m feeling pretty sexy and then all of a sudden I get this:

Sibling pic 2jpg

Sibling pic 3 There’s even a head-band!  Yes John-Paul is mocking me with a head band.  Then it gets worse….

Sibling pic 4

I believe that we are now at the point of promoting sunglasses.  As you can see Vincent has far more stylish taste then John-Paul and I.  And yet… the saga continues…

Sibling Pic 5I don’t know whether Gabriel was in two different places within 3 mins and changed his shirt and sunglasses as well… or this was a photo that he already had.. Suffice to say his sunglasses were $2 and $25 respectively.

Sibling pic 6Then there is Xavier who is doing the tricky photo on the side…

Sibling pic 7

Jerome is promoting Mastercard: as what he is offering is priceless.  Or are they? Tech n9ne accessories 

Sibling Pic 8

There we have it.  My brothers (rightfully) mocking my selfie: and I have become a more humble person for it.

Don’t forget that eye protection is important, it stops sun rays, wrinkles and bugs in your eyes as well as encouraging your family to mock you.

I think John-Paul had the most true to form impression?  Do you agree?

Encouraging sun protection and sending blessings.


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