What a Mess!

IMG_5372(1)Working with children is messy work.  No matter how much you encourage them to use a knife and fork or to ensure the food stays on their plate or mouth; it inevitably gets EVERYWHERE.  Here’s a video of my brother encouraging parents to use a new tactic in the war against cleaning up children’s mess.

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Author: Danyelle Kelly

I'm an Australian, studying and living in the US who wants to enhance community and relations throughout the world.

2 thoughts on “What a Mess!”

  1. Hehe funny video! Not a good method in Sweden though.. The children would cry if they had to sit outside in the cold and eat!

    Photographer picture 1: Bonnie Krantz 😉

    1. Yes – Bonnie is a great photographer and took the picture of little Dominic!! Potentially wouldn’t work too well in Sweden that’s very true!!

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