There was a Donkey in San Francisco [Palm Sunday]

A. There was a donkey.

A. 1: There was a real, live donkey in San Francisco.


B. There were palm tree [leaves]

B.1 There were palm tree [leaves] in San Francisco.

IMG_9278 IMG_9294

C. Jesus was a young boy.

C.1 Jesus was a young boy in San Francisco.


D. The sun was out and it was lovely weather.

D. 1 The sun was out and there was lovely weather in San Francisco on the weekend 🙂


D. There was French food.

D. 1 There was French food in San Francisco.

IMG_9319 IMG_9326

E. 101 Fin



St Dominic’s Catholic Church

La Boulange Bakery


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Author: Danyelle Kelly

I'm an Australian, studying and living in the US who wants to enhance community and relations throughout the world.

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