PODCAST Interview: Encouraging Culture and Community through Education

Brett from Down Under and Beyond is about providing information and inspiration surrounding everything to do in and around Australia.  I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brett in regards to

There was a Donkey in San Francisco [Palm Sunday]

A. There was a donkey. A. 1: There was a real, live donkey in San Francisco. B. There were palm tree [leaves] B.1 There were palm tree [leaves] in San

Visionary Inspirations Through Sibling Selfies

Happy National Sibling Day! My family have only just discovered What’s App in the last few weeks and there has been many a time where I have woken up to

What a Mess!

Working with children is messy work.  No matter how much you encourage them to use a knife and fork or to ensure the food stays on their plate or mouth;

Suffering with Suicide & Cyberbullying – Why Perfectionism is not so Perfect
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Suffering is a torment that we as human beings are subject to throughout our lives.  The media certainly plays a part in feeding off our suffering.  From a young age

Curious Soul.
Fondness for all creation.
From the far reaches of the earth, we'll traverse the globe in search of erudition, culture, and community.

Come join me.
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Research/Teaching Assistant

Awarded Northern Territory Government Teacher Education Scholarship

Travel, Theology, and Education – Travel Chat

Educator & Community Member

Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages

Speaker – SF Archdiocese Young Adult Ministry Conference

Rosh and The Blind Cafe Team

Rosh and The Blind Cafe Team

Being in the dark is like the sacred space of a church, once you walk in, the whole chaotic and over stimulating world is washed from your heart, body and mind allowing a sense of peace to arise. Dany not only led the first ever university Blind Cafe in America, but she helped us decontextualize this powerful experience it for the students and faculty alike who came out raving fans of the event. We love working with Dany and value the way she lights up a dark room with her laugh, genuine caring and curiosity into who ever she engages. We're feeling blessed.

Madeleine Fawcett

Madeleine Fawcett

Dany’s travel writing and photography are as beautiful as they are inspiring. Her posts on her adventures are detailed, funny, helpful, and always make me feel as if I’m taking the journey alongside her. As an aspiring travel writer with a blog of my own, I can’t say how much Dany’s site encourages and inspires me to keep working hard at what I love.

Stephanie Gries

Stephanie Gries

Dany was great to work with! She provided excellent communication and was eager to collaborate together. Dany even went above and beyond to share our article on her social media channels - she was all around such a fun person to work with!