The Vice of Violence: 9/11, Malaysian Airlines, Australia ‘Sorry’ Day & the Sacrificial Lamb

This is a personal response to a reflective question, given by a fellow student in Catholic Social Teaching.   In response to the discussion of whether or not violence is required,

The Dispensation of Drones
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This is a personal response to a reflective question, given by my Professor in Catholic Social Teaching on drones.  Her question and the sources are below. Hi all! Coming to

G’day USA: The Digeridoo and Australiana in California

At times, being an Aussie in the USA, you miss home 🙁 So what a surprise to get a text message from an Aussie mate to check out a wonderful

RIP Asylum Seekers: Australian Refugees, Tony Abbott and Catholicism

  Catholicism has the highest percentage of religious affiliation in Australia according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics[1], with 26.6% identifying with Catholicism.   Additionally, the current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott,

Jesus, Guns & Just War – Seattle Pacific University Shooting
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Yesterday I was in the Mission church with one of the residents in the university dorm who had just had been told his friend had been murdered in the Seattle

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Research/Teaching Assistant

Awarded Northern Territory Government Teacher Education Scholarship

Travel, Theology, and Education – Travel Chat

Educator & Community Member

Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages

Speaker – SF Archdiocese Young Adult Ministry Conference

Rosh and The Blind Cafe Team

Rosh and The Blind Cafe Team

Being in the dark is like the sacred space of a church, once you walk in, the whole chaotic and over stimulating world is washed from your heart, body and mind allowing a sense of peace to arise. Dany not only led the first ever university Blind Cafe in America, but she helped us decontextualize this powerful experience it for the students and faculty alike who came out raving fans of the event. We love working with Dany and value the way she lights up a dark room with her laugh, genuine caring and curiosity into who ever she engages. We're feeling blessed.

Madeleine Fawcett

Madeleine Fawcett

Dany’s travel writing and photography are as beautiful as they are inspiring. Her posts on her adventures are detailed, funny, helpful, and always make me feel as if I’m taking the journey alongside her. As an aspiring travel writer with a blog of my own, I can’t say how much Dany’s site encourages and inspires me to keep working hard at what I love.

Stephanie Gries

Stephanie Gries

Dany was great to work with! She provided excellent communication and was eager to collaborate together. Dany even went above and beyond to share our article on her social media channels - she was all around such a fun person to work with!