Professional Practice 7

Graduate teachers create and maintain safe and challenging learning environments.

7.1 Graduate teachers develop relationships within classrooms, the school and the wider community that promote a sense of belonging.

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7.2 Graduate teachers begin to build and maintain a positive learning environment where respect for the individual and for group dynamics is fostered, and where learning is the focus.

snap cup affirmation from student

Ideal Learning Environment

7.3 Graduate teachers know how to establish a learning environment that engages and challenges students, and encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning.

English homework folder M drive.

Changed the behaviour of offering detentions and 50% assessment is on homework so it is up to the individual if they achieve this or not.

7.4  Graduate teachers can use and manage the materials, technologies, resources and physical space of the learning environment to create a stimulating and safe learning space.  

The physical space in the Drama class is a key component to getting the most effective learning from the student.  Often when we are reading through a script or discussing a play the students are directed to sit in a circle.  This is an inclusive environment and all students and teachers are at the same level creating an inclusive atmosphere (needed to foster personal growth) in the Drama class.

Lesson Plan 10 PCG Coldplay Matt Corby and Bone Thugs

7.5 Graduate Teachers know how to establish and maintain clear and consistent expectations for students as learners and for their behaviour in the learning environment.


7.5 Respectful handling of a difficult situation


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