Professional Knowledge 5

Graduate teachers know the content they teach. 

5.1 Graduate teachers have a sound, critical understanding of the content, processes and skills they teach.

(Quote from Sylvia Mavros – mentor teacher Marrara Christian College)

“Danyelle has a very professional, energetic and enthusiastic flair for teaching.  She forms relationships that are productive and is very community minded.  She brings a wide range of tools, methods and techniques to the classroom and is very adaptable.  She has a good discipline structure and managers the class well.” 

 Teacher Education Scholarship Award

5.2 Graduate teachers can articulate the key concepts, skills and content of the curriculum and can demonstrate how they are applied.

MCC NTCF Drama BAND 4 Unit Outline

Mary feedback drama lesson 22nd Feb 2011

5.3 Graduate teachers know the methodologies, resources and technologies that support learning of the content, processes and skills they teach.

Quote from Jen Palmer – mentor teacher Marrara Christian College)

“Danyelle clearly demonstrated her strong understanding of the links between educational theory and professional practice.  Her presentation was thoughtful and quite inspiring!  She displayed aptley her understanding of planning, teaching and assessment.”

workshop safari McKillop College Nundah drama lesson

5.4 Graduate teachers have knowledge of approved curriculum frameworks, policies, materials and programs appropriate to the context which they teach.

Teaching resources on this website.

drama and english lesson plan

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