Professional Knowledge 3

Graduate teachers know their students.

 3.1 Graduate teachers know how to assess the learning capabilities of their students and are aware of the factors that can influence their learning. 

Vygotsky ZPD

Pirozza Grid Envinronments (Gardner & Bloom)

3.2 Graduate teachers recognise and are responsive to the social, cultural, historical and religious backgrounds of the students they teach, and value their diversity. 

Philosophy Statement Social Development

Letter from buddy at edmund rice camp

3.3 Graduate teachers develop an understanding an respect for students as individuals, and are sensitive to their social needs and learning styles and the ways they interact with others.

Cross Cultural Course 2010 certificate of attendance

Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages

3.4 Graduate teachers know the importance of working with and communicating reguarly with students’ families to support their learning.


3.4Communicating with families English exam



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