Professional Engagement 2

Graduate teachers reflect on, evaluate and impove their professional knowledge and practice.

2.1 Graduate teachers can reflect on and critically evaluate their professional knowledge and the effectiveness of their teaching.

Reflective Comment on Microteaching

2.2 Graduate teachers begin to work collaboratively with others to discuss contemporary issues and research to improve professional practice.  

music in the classroom

Staff discussion on Music in the classroom.

2.3 Graduate teachers identify their own professional learning needs with assistance and plan for and engage in professional development activities as identified in consultation with colleagues.

Echoes of the Dreamtime – Scripture Alive and Active

3rd September 2012

Rev Dr Elio Capra SDB

Made In the Image of God

Week 2, 2012

Robyn Craig – Catholic Education Office Darwin

2.4 Graduate teachers have a repertoire of organisational, technological and administrative skills to help manage their duties effectively.  

 2.4 M Drive2.4 photo (13)


2.5 Graduate teachers acknowledge and engage critically with change to maintain relevance in their teaching and to clarify educational priorities in negotiation with their workplace.

As a teacher it is important that you are flexible and able to maintain a teaching standard and at the same time have the ability to be malliable when there is change.  This website that I have created is an example of the tools that I can have on hand when and if there is a change that needs to be made.  On this website I have access to you tube clips, curriculum documents and examples of lesson plans to name just a few resources.  This educational tool is important for me to have as the classroom is an exciting and ever changing place.

banana smash


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