Professional Engagement 1

Graduate teachers are active members of their profession. 


1.1 Graduate teacher’s can contribute to the development of school communities that support the learning and wellbeing of both students and fellow teachers.



1.1 Issue No 10 week 8Z

1.2 Graduate teachers can develop and manitain positive relationships with other professionals, parents/carers and members of the broader community to provide effective learning for students.

Introduction letter to parents

Letter to parents/carers for Catholic Mission

1.3 Graduate teachers begin to share reponsibility for the integrity of the profession by promoting learning, the value of education and the profession in the wider community.

May & June 2009 091 1.3 IMG_0729












1.4 Graduate teachers act with dignity, courtesy and empathy in their relationships with all staff, students, carers and the education community.

7.5 Respectful handling of a difficult situation 1.4 photo (12)





1.5 Graduate teachers understand and fulfil their legal and ethical responsibilities.

Police Certificate

Darwin Child Protection Certificate of Attendance 2012

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