Danyelle Kelly


Teacher – Researcher 

Welcome to my website that has been developed to help teachers and students alike!dany 1

On this webpage you will find information about what I have used in classes and throughout university.  Please feel free to use these resources.

This website is designed to promote my idea that spirituality should be incorporated in the classroom.    My aim is to create curricula that supports spirituality within the Australian school system so that all children when leaving school have the social ablity to communicate with all people no matter their religion, ethnicity or sex.  Within the framework of this idea I would like to incorporate things such as human emotion, an understanding and respect for indigenous culture, music, volunteering, yoga, understanding and respecting different religions, cultural awareness, dance, photography, comedy, naturopathy, gardening and ethics (including general society norms and manners).  By bringing these into the curricular students will naturally develop a greater understanding of themselves, their surroundings and the wider world.  Providing unit plans and developing frameworks supporting these ideals will lead to students creating a relationship with others in an engaged, respectful and dignified manner.  

Currently I am an active student in Santa Clara University, California, USA in the Graduate Program of Pastoral Ministries.  Within this role I have been invited to particiapte and facilitate workshops on spirituality in the world with a focus on creating community.  Additionly I have been invited to  share my experience and discuss in talks directed at the Australian and American relationship in higher education.  If you would like share your experience with me or discuss opportunites to develop community through your school or group please visit the contact page.

I warmly welcome any feedback or opportunities to create a more harmonious and connected world.  


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